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tiger lilies


  • Non-Native  
  • Perennial  
  • Bloom:  Summer
  • Propagation:  Bulbils, Division of the bulbs
Tiger lilies are very easy to grow, they prefer full sun, but will tolerate varying degrees of shade as long as they get some sun.
Deer and rabbits love eating the plants, voles & shrews are partial to the bulbs.

Orange daylilies are sometimes refered to as Tiger lilies, Don't make that mistake. They're completely different flowers. Tiger lilies are in the Lillium family, daylilies are Hemerocallis.

bulbils  Q & A:
Marjay asked:
I was trying to find out what are growing on my lilies. They've bloomed already and now a few weeks later they have what look like mini-chestnuts looking things. They are growing at the point where a leaf is attached to the stalk. They are dark brown with a slight crease. I thought that they were seeds until I read your articles about hybridization. Any ideas on what these are?
These are bulbils. You can plant those and get new plants, just like garlic. They do take a while to come up,(like 2 years!),so it's best to allow them to fall to the ground naturally, and dig bulbs in future years to share.