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Do you have a site that addresses gardening in the shade, forest gardening, or otherwise gardening among trees or between buildings and tall fences...If you grow ferns and hostas,hellebores,azaleas... you know the value of a shady location, & I invite you to join.

I'd like to attract shade garden sites to this ring to provide the casual surfer with all the information on shade gardening that they require. I see a lot of garden webrings, about a lot of different aspects of gardening, but could not find a ring devoted to gardening in the shade. I think that a shade garden is one where we can truly rest and meditate, feeling a part of nature. A shade garden allows us to spend time outside on those hottest days when the rest of the world is indoors under the air conditioner.

The advantage of joining a webring is in being a part of an online community. Visitors to our sites are able to find similar sites and ideally get more information suiting their interests than a single site can provide.
additional benefits to joining webrings.

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Do you have a website? I have a discussion posted on adding a webring to the freewebs easy site builder using outlook express.

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You will be given the html code for the webring panel at the bottom of the page. Member sites are requested to place this code on a relevant page. ie; a shade gardening page.
I will check your site and activate it as soon as I can, probably within a couple days.

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The Shade Garden Webring
The Shade Garden Webring         by stonethegardener
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