Gardening in Cosby

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What is a garden without a tractor? Here's a chicken tractor. The chickens started small, but they grew fast! With a chicken tractor, the soil gets turned, weeded, & fertilized all at the same time!


Picture of echinacea.

gardening in mountains
path through woods

My new garden & the trail through the woods I push the wheelbarrow full of manure up to get there.

Raised bed gardening

Framed in raised bed gardening. Click thumbnail for large picture. For more pictures, Click more raised beds

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After being evicted from the home I built and my garden of 15 years in middle GA,( More information) I'm starting from scratch here in Cosby.
I was gardening on a slight slope in middle GA, my technique of raised bed gardening on the contour prepared me for the conditions here with a steeper slope.
My goals for this new site are to chronicle this new adventure, and to spread the word that I am available.

It's not unexpected that I've got this time to develop my own garden & learn the conditions before finding work in the surrounding area.

I'm planting a lot of vegetables in this new mountain garden, but my love is perennial flowers. Expect a lot of colour in this "vegetable" garden!

I've got columbine seedlings up from the fresh collected columbine seed. I was able to dig a few of my columbine in the dead of winter when I was thrown out of my community for apparently having too nice a home for the community.