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house in Febuary

My House in Febuary

Here's my house in Febuary, the forsythia have just begun blooming.

Behind the forsythia, the windows face south which permits passive solar heating in the winter and a place to start my tomatos in January. That room is 28 foot long and 16 foot wide with a 12 foot ceiling. You can not tell all this from the outside because of the lowered floor. In the summer all the south-facing glass comes out and coupled with the low windows at the far end of the room creates a natural draft resulting in a naturally cool house that requires the use of a fan only a couple times all summer! In Georgia.

In the far left, on top of my kitchen, You can see the corner of my solar array. I produced enough home-made solar electricity to run my lights, watch tv, listen to the stereo, work on my computer, run the vacuum cleaner, & operate an electric irrigation water pump!

The links below go to the rest of the full-sized construction pictures.