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Stone The Gardener

Organic because butterflys, humming birds, and children have a right to healthy happy lives.

On this page you'll find pictures of plants that I've grown in Georgia, (USA) over the last 20 years.
There's information about all of these flowers in the rest of the site, just click the links included in the slide show.

The flowers on this site are divided into categories to show their preferred niche. The hardscape is also discussed.

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Links take you to additional information about these flowers on the rest of my site.


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Links to the flowers shown on this page:
Brugmansia |  Yellow Brugmansia |  Datura |  Blackeye Susan |  Bloodroot |  Columbine |  Daisy |  Daylilly |  Foxglove |  Gloriosa Daisies |  Green & Gold |  Hellebore |  Turk's cap Hibiscus |  Japanese Iris |  Joe Pie Weed |  Lantana |  Lobelia |  Monarda Punctata |  Penstemon |  Poppy |  Spiderwort |  Swamp Sunflower |  Spigelia |  Tiarella |  Tiger Lilly |  Toad lilly |  Trillium |  Trout lilly |  Wood Poppy |  Wild Ginger |  Yellow Coneflower |  Zinnia | 

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